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Most people don’t realize professional moving services are competitive with the price of a truck rental plus the beer and pizza necessary to bribe friends for help. When it comes to moving families and individuals in the Wichita area, we focus on safety and efficiency. We also concentrate on keeping your move cost-effective and hassle-free.


Long Distance

We understand that it can be hard to find help when moving long distance. So, we are here to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible no matter the distance. Our team of professional and experienced movers will help make your long distance move as stress-free as possible.


Available Wichita Moving Options

Available Options

We have many different options available for your next move. We offer packing services, as well as loading and unloading from PODS, rental trucks and more. We are also able to provide same-day services, so you can call us the day you need our assistance. If you are moving long distance, we can hold your possessions overnight through our Storage in Transit option. If not, we can load and unload the same day. Our professional movers are experienced at handling fragile items, so you don’t have to worry about moving your antiques. All of our services require a one-hour minimum. Contact us to learn more.


Wichita Kansas Movers ChecklistMoving Checklist

Relocating your life and moving all of your belongings can be stressful, so here are our tips for planning an organized move.

2 Months Before:

  • Sort through closets, drawers, and cupboards and take out what you don’t want or need. Hold a yard sale or donate unwanted items to charity.
  • Make an inventory of everything you plan to move and determine replacement values for insurance purposes.
  • Contact us and obtain an estimate for our services.

6 Weeks Before:

  • Finalize real estate or rental needs.
  • If moving long distance, make travel arrangements.

1 Month Before:

  • Alert utility companies to disconnect services the day after you move and have new service activated a few days before you move into your new home.
  • If necessary, contact us to arrange storage services.
  • If you are packing yourself, contact us to order boxes and other packing supplies.

1 Week Before:

  • If you are packing yourself, finish packing boxes.
  • Confirm travel arrangements, if needed.
  • Arrange payment and deposit for moving services.
  • Confirm directions, delivery date and itinerary with our company. Provide us with your cell phone number for contact.
  • Complete change of address forms at the post office and send notices to magazine subscriptions, creditors, friends and relatives, alumni organizations, credit cards, banks and any other necessary companies or organizations.
  • Cancel newspaper subscriptions.
  • Notify employers—new and old— of your new contact information.
  • Pack suitcases you plan to move yourself with clothes, toiletries, jewelry, and important financial documents.

Moving Day:

  • Pack your first-night box.
  • Accompany our movers as they inventory your possessions and make condition reports.
  • Lock windows, turn off lights, close doors, and take a final tour after the movers have finished to make certain nothing is left behind.

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Our Happy Clients

“We were extremely pleased with your crews… working carefully and quickly. They were also very polite and pleasant, which made the experience enjoyable for us.”

—Marcia A. Bowlin

“Your men took great care to handle our furnishings… we found no items damaged in any way… In addition, after comparing your quotation with several others, we found your fee to be the lowest.”

—Ronald and Lenore Scott

“Everything was handled perfectly and with great cooperation and friendliness… also [we were] impressed with your professionalism.”

–Allan K. Higdon

“Your employees… were required to maneuver large items through rather cramped spaces… and did so in such a manner that all of my valuable pieces of furniture were undamaged (without even a scratch).”

—Ken Shunatona